Sunday, November 8, 2015

Is Buying Refurbished Worth It?

Many photographers I've spoken with have shared reservations regarding buying used gear, especially when it comes to lenses. Many have even echoed those same reservations regarding refurbished equipment. I'm sure there are valid reasons for this, as there is no shortage of unscrupulous individuals out there ready and willing to cheat you any way they can. This doesn't mean however, that you should discount the possibility of a real, legitimate opportunity to save some money.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

5 Proven Sources For Refurbished Photo Gear

Without a doubt, refurbished photography gear can yield excellent savings over new prices. In the spirit of what SmartPhotoGear is all about, I typically buy refurbished camera gear. We all know there is a depreciation factor that's always in play when you buy new. It is this depreciation factor that yields the savings when you buy refurbished.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

5 Practical Questions To Ask BEFORE You Upgrade

We’ve all been faced with it.  All of a sudden, we get presented with this awesome deal on some older generation photo gear, but we hesitate, saying to yourself - “But, it’s not the latest…..”.  Never mind the fact that your current camera doesn’t have the features it offers, or that you don’t own a lens that has that specific focal length or aperture range.  All you can think of is - It’s not the latest.  Or, worse yet, “it’s still one, or gasp! two generations behind what that guy in the photo club has".

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Liftoff, we have liftoff................

Welcome to the initial launch of the Smart Photo Gear blog, where it's all about satisfying your hunger for photography and photography related gear, without breaking the bank!

So, you've discovered photography. You've taken the first step and bought your first camera, lens, flash, bag, etc, and all of a sudden you have this insatiable need to acquire more and more "gear". You can't get enough. You eat, sleep, and drink photography. It's all you talk about, perhaps at nausea-um. Pretty soon, you're seeking out like minded friends or family, and you start to feed off each other, fulfilling that craving deep inside to shoot, talk, and share all about your newfound passion. We've all been there.