So, you've discovered photography.  You've taken the first step and bought your first camera, lens, flash, bag, etc, and all of a sudden you have this insatiable need to acquire more and more "gear".  You can't get enough.  You eat, sleep, and drink photography.  It's all you talk about, perhaps at nausea-um.  Pretty soon, you're seeking out like minded friends or family, and you start to feed off each other, fulfilling that craving deep inside to shoot, talk, and share all about your newfound passion.  We've all been there.

The problem is, that soon you realize that the camera you bought, and the lens, are just not quite good enough, because, after all, the guy next to you in the camera club keeps getting sharper and more colorful images than you are.  And it just so happens he has a more expensive camera, and an even more expensive lens.  So naturally, its gotta be the gear, right?  HOGWASH!
I developed this site to help cure you of the gear lust that has befallen all of us at some point or other.

No more buying the latest gear.  No more necessarily buying brand new gear.  I will help you seek out the best deals, point out valuable comparisons that will show that “expensive” doesn’t necessarily mean “better”.  No more of the age old error of thinking "bigger is better”.  Here you will see that a big, honking DSLR is NOT always better than a compact system or mirrorless camera.

I hope to provide a value that is sorely lacking in the photography blogosphere, that is, to keep you from spending unnecessary cash, and point out that you too can enjoy photography, without succumbing to the highly effectual marketing machine put forth by the major manufacturers.

And so look throughout these pages, and if any of this resonates with you, please consider subscribing to this site.

self 1I’m Andy Garcia, an avid photo enthusiast.  I’m by no means a “pro” photographer, nor do I have any interest in “going pro”.  I’m just a regular guy that wants to be able to enjoy photography for what it is - art.  As an electronics engineer by education, I also have a keen interest in the gear and technology that goes along with photography.    As you'll see throughout this site, the theme is “Enjoy Photography, Without Breaking the Bank”.  It’s my sincere hope that you will find value in these pages.  At least, and perhaps more importantly, that you will be able to save some money with what you find or learn here.  Thanks for being here!

Andy Garcia